Denise Wintrich

Director of Virtual Experiences

Denise Wintrich - CEPA Program Manager

Denise has worked for CEPA almost her entire business life. She started as an intern in January 2011 after earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism and Travel Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms, Germany, and continued as a Program Manager and later as the Associate Director of Operations – Global experiences. Since October 2020 she is our Director of Virtual Experiences overseeing all our virtual initiatives and developing them further. Additionally, she still supports the Operations Team with planning and implementing on-site study abroad program.

Building bridges of understanding for other people and cultures through education is not only her job, but also something that is very important for Denise. Her German attention to detail and her strive to perfectionism, do not let her rest until she has found the perfect solution for every program. In addition to German as her mother tongue, she is fluent in English and has a very good command of the Spanish language as well as basic Italian skills.

Denise is very happy that she got the chance to study and work abroad herself during school / university. At the age of 16 she participated in a Germany-U.S. exchange program, where she lived with a guest family in Nashville, Tennessee. Being the only foreign student in class, she quickly learned to understand and adapt to the American culture. Through this experience, she not only knows how it feels to be new in a foreign country and culture, but also understands the specific needs and mentality of American students.

She also worked abroad in the hotel industry for 16 months in Italy and Spain and at a language school in Mexico for 5 months.

Denise is addicted to traveling and once she has seen a place, there are some others where she would like to go next.

My favorite quote or advice:

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” — Alexander the Great