Faye Lehmann-Whitty

Study Abroad Coordinator

Faye grew up in a small village near Hanover and was raised bilingually in German and English. She visits her family in London and Scotland as often as possible and learned to appreciate the value of feeling comfortable in different languages and cultures.

In high school, Faye took part in several study trips, including trips to Greece and Brussels. She successfully completed her Abitur with a focus on languages. For several years, Faye also had lessons in Latin and Old Greek, resulting in an ongoing interest in history.

After graduating, Faye spent a year traveling. During that time, she worked in a hotel in the New Forest in England and also as a fundraiser for a humanitarian aid organization. This was an eye-opening experience and the topic remains important to her.

Faye studied tourism business management in Hanover and has also completed a course in project management. During her studies, she worked part-time as a student tutor. Faye has now joined CEPA as an intern for her practical semester. She is excited to learn and work in an international environment while helping to create valuable experiences for others.

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  • faye@cepa-abroad.org
My favorite quote or advice:

Per aspera ad astra. – Seneca