Renee van Amburgh

Director of Engagement

Born in Atlanta into a military family, Renee fell in love with travel and intercultural exchange from a young age. During her formative years, her family traveled on assignments to Germany, France, and Italy, and other locations domestically and internationally. Throughout college, she participated in four study abroad programs in Europe and Asia, backpacked through Spain and Morocco, traveled to Israel on Birthright, and completed an internship at CEPA’s headquarters in Germany. She is an alumna of CEPA’s faculty-led programs, semester-program at the European Studies Center in Strasbourg, and served as a CEPA ambassador on her campus.

Renee joined the CEPA team in 2019 after completing her Master of Public Administration at New York University (NYU). Within her role as Director of Engagment, she aims to strengthen CEPA’s relationship with their global partners to promote study abroad programs and develop transformative intercultural exchange opportunities for students of all backgrounds.

Renee’s professional development has long been centered within politics and public service. Prior to working for CEPA, Renee worked for the US Department of State, on several congressional campaigns, as an intern with the US Senate, and in various positions at non-profit organizations. In undergrad, she studied at Georgia State University (GSU) and received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with minor in Public Policy and a Certification in European Union Studies. She continued at GSU for her Master of Arts in Political Science and wrote her thesis on the political effect of comparative educational legacies describing the US Civil War narrative. After her MA, Renee attended NYU for a Master of Public Administration (MPA) where she specialized in Advocacy and Political Action and worked with the Women’s March to develop a state and local chapter training compendium and crafted the Women’s Agenda, the first intersectional policy platform aimed to address critical social and political issues that specifically impact women and femmes.

Renee believes that study abroad is a transformative experience that provides students the unique opportunity to gain intercultural perspective, develop innovative solutions, and engage in personal and professional development. After her history with CEPA as a student, ambassador, and intern, she is excited to join the team full-time and connect the next generation of students to CEPA’s programs.

Phone: +49 (0)7142-9565-63

My favorite quote or advice:

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine..” – Anthony D’Angelo