"Being a CEPA coordinator is even better than the normal thing. If you enjoy sharing, it is one of the best jobs, ever."

Mario Baldi - CEPA Coordinator

Freelancer as CEPA Coordinator (Tour Manager) for Europe

CEPA Coordinators - Fatima (left) & Florence (right)The most important thing to the CEPA team is that our faculty-led groups receive the support they need while traveling throughout Europe. Thus, we constantly look for locals who would like to support and accompany our overseas student groups during their tours in Europe.

Our goal is for students and faculty members traveling with us to return home with not only a meaningful, educational and cultural experience, but also a new perspective, one that goes well beyond the famous cities, the world-renowned monuments, and postcard views of Europe.

As the coordinator, you will be the link between the CEPA headquarters and the group on-site, your role as a CEPA coordinator (tour manager) is one of the most important parts of our programs. You represent us, our image and have the most direct contact with our customers. Therefore, it is very important that you represent our philosophy accordingly.

If you live in Berlin, Munich, London, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich or any other European city, please feel free to contact us and send us your application.

Main duties include:

  • Picking-up the students at the airport / train station and accompanying the group to all of its activities, for example to museums, companies, restaurants
  • Providing information about the city and suggestions about what to do in the region
  • Orientation walking tour and introduction to the local culture on the arrival day
  • Contact person for questions, problems and emergencies (e.g. seeing a doctor)


  • Fluency in English (for groups from Canada and the United States)
  • Fluency in Portuguese (for groups from Brazil)
  • Experience in similar jobs is preferred
  • Applicants should live in the city for which they apply for and know the city very well
  • Very good organization and communication skills
  • Distinctive service orientation
  • Reliability, flexibility, open-minded and dedication

This position’s duration lasts 1 to 15 days and would therefore be suitable for people looking for a temporary job.

Please send your application to: coordinator@cepa-abroad.org



References - Read what former coordinators have to say about their experience at CEPA:


Kyra Geretzky

"I have been working as a CEPA coordinator many times during the last years and I always had a great time showing the students the beauty of Europe and also giving them an insight and further explanations into its culture. The students taking part in the study abroad programs came from Canada, the USA and Brazil. Being with international students and the fact that we traveled through several European countries, allowed me to use my language skills on a daily basis. As I love working in an international environment, I am always happy to meet students who are curious about Europe in every way. For me, coordinating is not just informing the students about the destinations and about making sure that the program runs smoothly, it’s also about being there for them when they make their own experiences. Every program has been a cultural exchange for me as well, that has broadened my mind. 

Besides the program itself, I was impressed by CEPA’s extraordinary way to well prepare their coordinators for the programs. The CEPA program managers are very passionate about their trips and are therefore always there for future coordinators. Due to their comprehensive pre-organization of the program, you can count on always being well prepared!"



Mario Baldi

"I have been a tour coordinator for many years now, and I have to say that being a CEPA coordinator is even better than the normal thing. Being a tour coordinator sounds interesting and inviting because of the hopes to travel and to see new things and places, but that is not true: often you are not required to travel to any new or exotic destination, while you are expected to know the place your group is going to.

But, if you enjoy sharing, it is one of the best jobs, ever. The people CEPA takes care of are young and often first-time travelers: they are eager to experience everything, and the responsibility, the pleasure, and the merit to be the one able to provide this will be just yours. It's the travelers’ experience-of-a-lifetime, and if you do it right, it will be your gift to them."



Evgeniya Kruppa

"I've worked as a local coordinator for the CEPA Europe study abroad programs for the past five years and I really like assisting the students groups as they study and travel through Europe. There are so many aspects of my job that I greatly enjoy! It is a rewarding and fun job, and it comes with a range of varied and interesting responsibilities. Another important aspect is teamwork. The support I get from the colleagues at Cepa Europe is really exceptional. And last, but not least, this job became even more special due to people I meet - from different cultures,  with diverse views and backgrounds, and my participation on some of the visits or activities that were very interesting to me.  To conclude, the coordinator job has broadened my horizons on many different levels. Highly recommended!"


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