"I was not the one doing the boring jobs. I got several programs handed over that I organized independently."

Sophie Schopf - Intern CEPA Europe

Internship at the CEPA Headquarters

in Ingersheim (near Stuttgart)

We are a young, dynamic and very customer oriented company, with a can-do attitude and a passion for what we do. It is very important to us that we provide each group with the ideal academic program, individually prepared for their needs.

It is not only important for us to offer educational opportunities for overseas students, but also for European students at our own locations.

An internship with CEPA in Ingersheim combines support and the opportunity to work in a small-sized company with an educational spirit and a motivated team. We look for flexible, open-minded and energetic internship students who are excited by education, communication and travel.

Main duties include:

  • Organization and implementation of faculty-led programs
    • Booking hotels, trains, and private buses
    • Expanding and cultivating contacts with companies or institutions that welcome our groups
    • Developing daily detailed schedules for programs
    • Preparing information material for participants and on-site coordinators
    • Controlling expenses related to specific groups
    • Researching academic visits and activities relating to new study abroad topics and regions
  • Projects relating to marketing, acquisition and promotion may also be considered


  • Fluency in German and English
  • Further language skills in French, Italian and Spanish are preferred
  • An organizational talent
  • Reliability, flexibility, open-mindedness and dedication
  • Study majors: business, marketing or tourism preferred
  • EU citizen or the appropriate visa to work in Germany

Min. 6 months (start ideally in January, March or September)

Compensation and Benefits:
This is a paid internship.
Housing will be provided at no costs (if needed).

Applications are to be send to info@cepa-abroad.org.


References - Read what former interns have to say about their experience at CEPA:


Amy Cheung

"Working as an intern for CEPA Europe was an incredible learning experience. Interns at CEPA are given full responsibility for organizing faculty-led programs, including communication with partner companies and arranging international travel logistics. The potential for professional capacity building is remarkable - my German language skills have benefited greatly from being immersed in a German business environment, and I gained first-hand experience of the inner workings of a small, dynamic team. The team atmosphere is what truly sets CEPA apart: although the work is challenging, I always felt the support of my colleagues. I would recommend an internship at CEPA to anyone interested in an international business career!"


Jessica Veith

"In the context of my master study, Tourism Development Strategies, I completed an internship at CEPA Europe located in Ingersheim. From day one, the team in Ingersheim was cordially receiving me. Also, they trusted me and assigned to me very interesting and challenging tasks. I really liked to go to work every morning... also because I had a very good relationship to my colleagues and to my boss. The level of support by my colleagues and my boss was outstanding.

During my entire internship, I learned continuously not only with respect to business matters but also with regard to teamwork as well as communication and networking with others. Since we have university groups travelling all over Europe, I worked with service providers from different countries and cultures and could gain interesting intercultural experiences. I can really recommend doing an internship at CEPA Europe, if you are open, motivated and interested in something different."


Sophie Schopf

"After getting my degree in tourism management and spending some time abroad, I worked for CEPA Europe for 6 months as an intern in Ingersheim. Being able to work with and for CEPA was amazing and I profited a lot from it. The team spirit and motivation is incredible and it was a great experience to see how a well-organized company works. As an intern, I was not the one doing the boring jobs. I got several programs handed over that I organized independently. Nevertheless, I could always count on the support and assistance of my colleagues.
During my internship I enjoyed the variety of tasks the most. As CEPA does not offer standardized travels, each program is different, which made it so much more fascinating for me. I also got the chance to work as an on-site coordinator for a student group in Germany, which was great. It was amazing to meet the students and while enjoying the time with them, I learned a lot about leading a group as well as about their culture.

Besides getting to know how a tour operator works, I improved my language skills and got insights into various parts of program planning from the proposal creation all the way to its realization. Working at CEPA Europe was a great opportunity for me and I can only recommend it to anyone who is interested in the field of tourism and languages."


Gabriele Conradie

My 8 months at CEPA was the perfect stepping stone from university into the working world. It felt more like a little family rather than a work place. This really made it easier starting off in a foreign country and also very enjoyable and special having a more intimate atmosphere where you weren't just a small fish in a big pond. This also allowed me to have a lot of flexibility in terms of the responsibilities I had. I had the pleasure of not only helping out in operations but also in the marketing department, helping with acquisitions etc. Having this exposure in different areas was vital for my development.

Furthermore there is a lunchtime club where we cooked and ate together every day, something again which is very special and unique to CEPA (you then also get to taste lots of different German dishes, yummy!!). And if that doesn't convince you then the location will, it is an absolute dream, nestled amongst vineyards overlooking the Neckar Valley, you really cannot get a more beautiful place to work (your office is in a castle!).




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