"The work was definitely challenging but at the same time diverse and interesting while being in an international surrounding."

Gaby Kopplin - Intern CEPA Study Center

Internship at the European Study Center (ESC)

Château de Pourtalès in Strasbourg, France

We are a young, dynamic, and customer-oriented company, with a can-do attitude and a passion for what we do. It is important to us that we provide each group with the ideal on-site support in order to make their study abroad experience a success.

It is not only important to us to offer educational opportunities for international students, but also for European students at our locations.

An internship at our European Study Center in Strasbourg provides a unique opportunity to work in an international environment with people coming from around the world. The Center is located in the Château de Pourtales, a 250-year old and company-owned castle, that also operates a 3-star hotel.

We look for flexible, open-minded, and energetic internship students who are interested in education, communication, and travel.

Main duties include:

  • Coordinating study abroad programs at the European Study Center in Strasbourg (accompanying mainly American and Canadian student groups during activities including day excursions to other cities, providing support, and on-site assistance)
  • Hotel reservations, bookings, and reception service
  • Projects related to marketing, acquisition, and promotion
  • and much more...



    • Fluency in English, French, and ideally also in German
    • Friendliness, customer- and service-orientation
    • Reliability, flexibility, open-minded, and dedication
    • Experience in similar jobs preferred
    • Preferred study majors: business, marketing, hotel management or tourism
    • EU citizen or the appropriate visa to work in France


        Min. 6 months (start ideally in January, March or September)

        Compensation and Benefits:
        This is a paid internship.
        Housing will be provided at no costs (if needed).

        Please send applications to: info@cepa-abroad.org


        References - Read what former interns have to say about their experience at CEPA:


        Christina Neugebauer

        "My internship in Strasbourg was at the same time the most challenging and best experience in my life. From the beginning, everyone welcomed me warmly and accepted me as part of the Château-Team. I recommend this internship to everyone who likes working in a team, who is ready to take over responsibility, and who is interested to work in an intercultural surrounding.

        As an intern, my work was separated into two areas: The front desk of the Château de Pourtalès and working as a Study Abroad Coordinator for CEPA. The diversity of my work was on the one hand very demanding, but on the other hand I could seize this unique chance to discover my personal strengths, to extend my know-how, and to gain hands-on experiences. The front desk gave me insights into intercultural differences and trained my language skills. As a Study Abroad Coordinator I was responsible for the student's safety as well as the compliance of the given time schedule during excursions, e.g. to Basel, Brussels, Frankfurt etc.. It also allowed me to discover unknown cities myself.

        The Château not only offers you a workplace, but a chance to grow and a home away from home."



        Laura Gruber

        "When I look back on my time as a study abroad coordinator at the Château de Pourtalès, I still appreciate many of the experiences I gained and the people I met. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking for the unique opportunity to personally grow, to handle a variety of responsibilities and to understand what teamwork really means – and all this within an international setting. Furthermore, I applied and improved my language skills in French and English.

        As an intern at the Château, I joined a rather small team and immediately became a highly regarded employee and colleague. Accompanying student groups from the United States and becoming their main "Go to Person" was a task that I started to enjoy the most. We traveled to beautiful places like Heidelberg, the Alsace and Switzerland. Moreover, we got the chance to visit organizations and institutions. Nevertheless, all of these excursions involved lots of sole responsibilities on my behalf since I had to look out for the students’ safety as well as to ensure the adherence of their original program schedule. Hence it was challenging and fun at the same time.

        I feel honored to have met so many different people. I am still close friends with a handful of them and we are visiting each other on a regular basis – in either Germany or in the United States. All in all, I learned a lot about myself, met wonderful people and learned to manage unpredictable situations in a professional manner. This to me is more valuable than discovering the secrets of excel."



        Gaby Kopplin

        "The decision of doing my internship in the Château de Pourtalès, after my tourism management studies, was definitely the right one. Finally, I had the possibility to get insight into practical work in tourism, with a high involvement in organisational planning.

        By taking responsibility of the coordination of student groups from abroad and working at the front desk of the hotel Château de Pourtalès, strengthened not only my personality, but also the will to take responsibility. The work was definitely challenging but at the same time diverse and interesting while being in an international surrounding. Especially the study trips, as a part of the student group coordination (for example to Luxemburg, Belgium or Switzerland), made the 6 months even more adventurous and fun. In general, my whole internship is connected to good memories, an amazing team and good teamwork, which became a substantial part of the work in the Château. All in all, the internship is definitely of value for anyone interested in working with different cultures, languages and surroundings."



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