"I have been EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the high quality work you do, the processes, your preparation, and how we keep it affordable."

Stephen Notaro, University of Illinois (The Italian Health System)

Customized Services for Undergraduate and Graduate Level Faculty-Led Programs

To make your faculty-led program a success

As your partner and local expert on-site, we are just as committed to the success of your faculty-led program as you are, from the day you start planning and recruiting until the day you return home and start planning for your next program.

Our mission is to enable faculty members and group leaders to focus on their academic expertise while we focus on the logistics and programming details. By working together, we can develop the necessary itinerary for an outstanding, culturally immersive, safe, and effective program.

We are devoted to offering you the highest quality for the following services included in each faculty-led program:



Through personal and professional networks, we arrange for highly qualified academics and professionals to teach specialized courses or provide guest lectures. Guided visits, lectures, and meetings are carefully selected to match the focus of your course and meet your individual program goals.


Our team of study abroad specialists provide their expert knowledge and personal experience of the local and regional areas in your itinerary to design original and authentic cultural experiences.


The CEPA coordinator is an integral part of all CEPA faculty-led programs as it is the liaison between the faculty leader(s) and the CEPA Program Manager. Local, bilingual coordinators are individually selected and chaperon your group during the included activities and assist with everything from greeting you at the airport, hotel check-in, emergency or transportation issues, to handing out city maps, pre-ordered tickets, cash allowances, cell phones, and much more. Most importantly, they are available to assist you with any language and culture barriers.


We carefully select accommodation on the basis of reputation, location, surroundings, and accessibility. Various accommodation options can be arranged to meet your program budget. Since we do not work exclusively with any hotels, we are glad to book a specific hotel according to your wishes.


Food is a very important part of any culture and can be a great learning experience. Detailed attention is given to group meals as well as dietary restrictions. We handpick unique and authentic restaurants, or can work with your suggestions, so that your group can get a taste of the local cuisine while abroad.


After years of experience, private coach busses and public transportation have generally been the best modes of transportation for group travel. However, depending on your itinerary and travel route, every type of transportation option is carefully evaluated and the most efficient, convenient, safe, and affordable means of transportation are arranged accordingly.


We generally use meeting and conference rooms for classroom lectures, instructional meetings, and student presentations. Upon request and availability, facilities can also be arranged at local universities.


At CEPA, the safety and security of our students, faculty leaders, and our employees are of the utmost importance. We provide you with emergency assistance support and have an emergency contact service available while our groups are traveling. Since we are located in Europe, we can be on-site to assist. Click here to read further information on "Health & Safety".


During your study abroad program we offer you and your group an "online portal" to create a personalized blog filled with photos and descriptions of your group's daily activities. With a CEPA program blog you allow friends, family at home, and other faculty members to follow along with your study abroad program.

Have a look at the most current blogs from groups traveling abroad with CEPA. If you are interested in setting up a program blog for your group, please let your CEPA Program Manager know as early as possible.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES, that are available upon request


You should start looking into arrangements for your group flight as early as possible. CEPA has partnered with StudentUniverse, which specializes in academic travel booking services for students and faculty. Therefore, we can offer special group airfare rates for your program. Flights will be on regularly scheduled major airlines and e-tickets will be issued. Read more »


It is extremely important for all participants of a study abroad program to have adequate international travel and health insurance before traveling abroad. Very affordable luggage, accident and health insurance can be booked for an additional fee through CEPA. If you would like to book this insurance package for your group or just some of the participants, please let us know. We will take care of arranging the insurance policy and handling all claims for you.


As a complimentary service, the CEPA Marketing department can support you with promotional materials, such as a flyer and/or poster especially designed for your program. To help you further promote your program we may send you a CEPA representative to attend your study abroad fair or orientation session.


CEPA's services don't end with your group's return. You and your students' opinions are very important to us, as it will enable us to improve our services for all our programs. Therefore, we ask your students to complete an evaluation form and share their thoughts and experiences with us. The positive feedback or constructive criticism will help you and CEPA alike identifying program strengths and weaknesses for your next faculty-led programs.


Additionally, we can offer your students a Certificate of Attendance after successfully completing their study abroad program, which includes your university logo, the program name, the visits, excursions, and guest lectures (if applicable) as well as the signatures from Uli Leibrecht (CEPA's Managing Director) and the faculty leader / professor. Please inform us as early as possible if you would like to use this service.

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