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Since 2014, the CEPA Foundation is proud to continue offering webinars for educators, administrators, and staff members at colleges and universities.

Registration is now open for CEPA Foundation's second Spring 2017 webinar. We invite you register today. If you are not able to attend the live event, please register anyway and you will be provided access to the recording and handouts after the webinar takes place.

Webinar 14 "Challenging Students to Become Reasonable Adventurers in Global Contexts"

Day: Monday, April 24, 2017

Time: 12:30 pm pacific / 1:30 pm mountain / 2:30 pm central / 3:30 pm eastern
Presenter: Dr. Michael Stebleton, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Description: What does it mean for students to have a world-relatedness? Do our students with whom we interact on a daily basis have a flare for change? More importantly, how do we as study abroad educators foster these traits in our undergraduate students? Using the student development concept of the reasonable adventurer, Dr. Stebleton will discuss strategies for challenging students to become reasonable adventurers in their own approach to learning. He will share some of his own ideas that he applies to his own students - in the classroom and abroad - and encourage participants to share their own promising practices.

Objectives: To define and discuss the traits of the reasonable adventurer and how it applies to study abroad opportunities. To gain an understanding of how and why the reasonable adventurer is especially relevant to today’s college students. To share and discuss experiences and ideas to foster critical thinking, global learning, interpersonal communication, and other qualities through high-impact practice in study abroad.

CEPA Foundation webinar registration

Registration is available free of charge to faculty, staff, advisors, and administrators at colleges and universities.

Employees and staff from third-party or educational providers, other institutions or companies in the US or abroad, independent consultants, or other individuals are asked to make a contribution of at least $125 to register and participate in the webinar. This contribution will help support the charitable projects which the CEPA Foundation currently has undertaken in Vuelta Grande, Guatemala.

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On-Demand Webinars

The on-demand webinars are offered by the CEPA Foundation, free of charge, to faculty, study abroad staff, and administrators at colleges and universities. Please go to the CEPA Foundation website to request access to the on-demand webinars.

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