Academic Webinars

for the education abroad community

Since 2014, the CEPA Foundation is proud to continue offering webinars for educators, administrators, and staff members at colleges and universities.

Visit the CEPA Foundation website to register for upcoming webinars or to request access to the on-demand webinars.

Registration is available free of charge to faculty, staff, advisors, and administrators at colleges and universities.

Employees and staff from third-party or educational providers, other institutions or companies in the US or abroad, independent consultants, or other individuals are asked to make a contribution of at least $125 to register and participate in the webinar. This contribution will help support the charitable projects which the CEPA Foundation currently has undertaken in Vuelta Grande, Guatemala.

Past Webinars

  • Webinar 1 "Basics of Integrating Education Abroad into the Curriculum"
  • Webinar 2 "Important Strategies to Move Forward with Education Abroad & Curriculum Integration"
  • Webinar 3 "Connecting Faculty and Other Academic Departments with Education Abroad & Curriculum Integration"
  • Webinar 4 "How to Acquire Resources for Education Abroad on Your Campus"
  • Webinar 5 "Helping Faculty Set up Faculty-led Programs"
  • Webinar 6 "Helping Students Make the Most of their Study Abroad Experience"
  • Webinar 7 "Emerging Adulthood and Studying Abroad: Supporting Student Resilience"
  • Webinar 8 "Incorporating more meaningful interculturally-focused academic components to education abroad"
  • Webinar 9 "Ten Quick Tips for Working with Education Abroad Provider Organizations"
  • Webinar 10 "Faculty-Led Programs: Shared Governance, Ed Abroad Professional and Faculty Roles, MOUs, Faculty Workshops/Handbook"
  • Webinar 11 "Framing Intercultural learning on faculty-led programs: Helping students engage more actively with their hosts."
  • Webinar 12 "Working smarter, not harder: Tips and strategies for thriving in a small office setting"
  • Webinar 13 "Collaboration between Admissions/Enrollment Management and Education Abroad Offices"
  • Webinar 14 "Challenging Students to Become Reasonable Adventurers in Global Contexts"
  • Webinar 15 "Service learning course design to facilitate intercultural learning and support internationalization"
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