"The work you have provided for us was great. Thank you for showing us the beauty of Mumbai."

Priscilla Salazar, Education in India 2016

Faculty-Led Programs in Asia

Put Asia on your resume!

Together with local partners we are also offering high quality academic faculty-led programs to Asia.

Asian countries have some of the world's fastest growing economies to date. Because of the critical languages, emerging technological advances, and historical value, it is increasingly important to provide study abroad opportunities to this part of the world.

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India was such an amazing experience. The students were constantly engaged in comparative discussions which allowed them to analyze the range of factors that might account for the variations they were observing. This was one of my priorities. Thank you for all of your efforts in making this as great of an experience as it was.

Dr. Alia Paroo, Texas A&M International University, TX
Contemporary South Asia Program

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Program Sample Itineraries

The following sample program itineraries are designed for a broad range of academic fields. Whether you want to modify an itinerary or build one from scratch, the study abroad specialists at CEPA work together with you to customize your faculty-led program.

india's diversity and development

India‘s Diversity and Development (15 days)

India, along with the four other BRICS nations, is one of the significant driving forces in today’s global marketplace.

This study abroad program provides an insight into the political, historical, and cultural diversity of modern India, devoting particular attention to religion such as: Hindu and Muslim. Through directed study opportunities, lectures, and interactions with Indian students, participants will analyze how tradition and modernity interact in this rapidly changing nation and how technology brings a new, fascinating dimension to this bustling and colorful country.

Download: India‘s Diversity and Development (pdf)

smart phone supply chain

Smart Phone Supply Chain (12 days)

Be one of the first to track the end-to-end smart phone supply chain from component inputs to the finished product and the user experience.
This program is designed to provide an in-depth, on-the-ground look at global business, environmental sustainability, supply chain management, and the electronics industry with visits to world-class manufacturing and logistics companies in Asia. Visit companies that are redefining supply chain management (SCM) as they become pioneers of innovative approaches that other companies are widely imitating.

Download: Smart Phone Supply Chain (pdf)

big data and cloud computing

Big Data and Cloud Computing (12 days)

With 1.3 billion people, rapidly expanding megacities, and the largest internet and smart phone user rate in the world, China generates an immense amount of data. In the technology age, companies in China are moving fast to store, analyze and improve decision-making based on valuable real-time insights, and grow their competitive advantage in the world-wide economy. At the same time, this information can also be used to aid China’s support to society, through the prevention of disease, addressing criminal activity and improving people’s daily lives.

Download: Big Data and Cloud Computing (pdf)

disaster management in japan

Disaster Management in Japan (12 days)

As many as 1,500 earthquakes are recorded in Japan each year, in addition to typhoons, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. With such a high occurrence of natural disasters, crisis management in Japan is critical, and is carried out in systematic stages from disaster prevention, to emergency response, to recovery, and reconstruction.

This program explores disaster management and includes visits to areas affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. In addition, students will be engaged in on-the-ground service learning projects and observe how developed disaster management systems unite stakeholders, including society, the government, and local NGOs.

Download: Disaster Management in Japan (pdf)

geology program

Geology Program (14 days)

The best geologists are the ones that have seen the most rocks! Due to the many important geological features reflecting the regional geological evolution, Vietnam and Cambodia have attracted the special attention of numerous geologists from various countries.

This program is designed to experience the geology of Vietnam and Cambodia first-hand through special visits, hikes, activities and discussions with locals including some of the region’s top geographical features, such as the Mekong Delta, the Red Dunes, Halong Bay, Cuchi Tunnels and Angkor Wat.

Download: Geology Program (pdf)

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