"This was, by far, the best study program to Brazil that Iíve taken students on. Thank you CEPA for everything!"

Melanie Gilbert, faculty leader, Penn State University

Faculty-Led Programs in Brazil

Study abroad in a land of diversity

CEPA also offers customized educational study abroad programs in Brazil, which are arranged in cooperation with our local partner in Brazil.

Due to Brazil's booming economy, diversity, and rich cultural and natural heritage, the country has drawn the attention of international businesses, students, and professors alike, all of whom are interested in better understanding one of the fastest growing economies in South America.

Our goal is to create programs that are designed to help students understand different aspects of this country by providing high quality academic and study abroad programs. Visits at multinational companies and organizations, guest lectures, as well as carefully selected cultural visits and excursions make our study abroad programs an extremely valuable and memorable experience for students and faculty members alike.

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Working with CEPA Brazil was excellent. The site visits and the cultural exposure to Brazil they planned were exceptional. It gave our students a true insight on how Brazil does business globally. The guides we had for the trip were personable and professional throughout the program. Thank you CEPA for the amazing work you did for our students. You are the "go to" company for study abroad experiences for universities.

Professor Michael C. Komos, faculty leader, DeVry University
Economics in Brazil, November 2015

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We had an excellent experience with CEPA Brazil. Right from the first encounter and various little touches, through arranging for and delivering us to numerous meetings we requested, all the way to the final good-byes, the company and its guide have been extremely helpful and accommodating.

I wanted to visit some hard-to-reach communities in the Amazon and to work with a local NGO - CEPA Brazil arranged for a local group that took us to the remote village they serve, allowing us a rare opportunity to work with local villagers while having skilled chaperones the community trusted. I always had a feeling that the CEPA Brazil was eager to do as much as possible to make our visit more meaningful.

Dr. Marek Payerhin, Professor of International Relations and Political Science
Lynchburg College
Battle for the Amazon, June 2015

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Program Sample Itineraries

The following sample program itineraries are designed for a broad range of academic fields. Whether you want to modify an itinerary or build one from scratch, the study abroad specialists at CEPA work together with you to customize your faculty-led program.

politics and economics in brazil

Politics and Economics (13 days)

Brazil is a wonderful example of a developing country facing the challenges of international politics. Due to its economic status, Brazil’s visibility in the international system is emphasized more than ever.

This program aims to offer students a close interaction with professionals taking a role in the global development process. Students will talk with international leaders, civil society groups, NGO staff, government workers, and academic specialists. They will learn more about the country’s new challenges in international politics as well as strategies to further strengthen its position in the global market place.

Download: Politics and Economics (pdf)

aviation in brazil

Aviation in Brazil (11 days)

The aviation industry is one of the most important industries in Brazil. Many companies are world-class players due to their advanced technology capability and the quality of products. With Embraer being the 3rd major aerospace manufacturer in the world that produces commercial, military, and executive aircrafts, Brazil continues to offers excellent opportunities for aircraft suppliers.

This program is designed to provide an insight into the aviation industry by visiting aircraft manufacturers, airline headquarters, and technological institutions.

Download: Aviation in Brazil (pdf)

business in brazil

Business in Brazil (12 days)

Brazil has been one of the most exciting growth stories of the past decade, and international events, such as the World Cup and Olympics, have made the country even more attractive as a global investment destination. However, the Latin American powerhouse is regarded as one of the most challenging places in the world to do business.

Visits as well as social and cultural activities will offer students a clearer picture of the differences and similarities of Brazil compared to their home country. They will gain insight into the challenges, risks, and opportunities of doing business in Brazil.

Download: Business in Brazil (pdf)

agriculture and sustainable development in brazil

Agriculture and Sustainable Development (12 days)

Brazil is a country with a vocation for agribusiness, due to its climate characteristics as well as its geographic diversity. Given these factors, agribusiness is considered the most important sector of the national economy. Historically, tobacco and sugar canes were regarded as an opportunity for agricultural expansion. Families who have worked for generations in food production have switched to monoculture, which has greatly affected the region’s biodiversity.

This program focuses on exploring critical issues in sustainable agriculture and development in different regions of Brazil.

Download: Agriculture and Sustainable Development (pdf)

global health in brazil

Global Health (14 days)

In the past few years, healthcare has become a matter of global impact. In the international scope, many initiatives related to the topic were created, working to improve the health conditions and to achieve equity in health status of people worldwide. Problems that transcend national borders or have a global political and economic impact are often emphasized.

During the program, students will be able to learn about and experience different initiatives and examine the historical development and components of the Brazilian health system, which is characterized by regional and social inequalities.

Download: Global Health (pdf)

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