"I absolutely recommend studying abroad to everyone; pushing yourself outside your comfort zone with the help of CEPA is the way to go!"

Christina Mazzeo, student from The College of New Jersey

References & Testimonials

University of Illinois - Stacy Billman (Study Abroad Office)

"CEPA is a provider we have worked with successfully and will continue to partner with on future programs for many great reasons. They value international education just as much as we do. They offer comprehensive quality support, keep programs affordable, prioritize health and safety, and have excellent follow up and follow through. Their staff is excellent, and they take great care in learning more about what went well and what could be improved after the program. We love CEPA!"

University of Iowa - Ancient Greece and the Beginning of Humanistic Counseling - June 2017

Student feedback:

"The program was very well organized. The itinerary provided me with peace of mind and comfort about the trip. Kapi was great but at times provided too much information."
Victoria Maneev

"This was one of the best experiences I have had. During our time here, everyone was extremely pleasant, helpful and accommodating. Everyone we were able to work with excellent information. I would recommend this program in a heartbeat!"

"This was truly a one in a lifetime opportunity. I have seen so much these past few days. I would most definitely participate in a CEPA program in the near future. This trip will be one that I will never forget! I also enjoyed Ms. Kapi, she was so amazing."
Khadidra Washington

"This program was amazing. We were never rushed and we got to see all the major sights. I would highly recommend this program to everyone. It seemed to be perfect. Everything worked like a well-oiled machine."

The College of New Jersey - Gendered History of Food - May/June 2017

Student feedback:

"I absolutely recommend studying abroad to everyone; pushing yourself outside your comfort zone with the help of CEPA is the way to go!"
Christina Mazzeo

West Virginia University - European Law and Institutions - May 2017

Student feedback:

"Program was excellent and exposed me to many new aspects of European culture while teaching me a whole lot about the EU and other governments."
Cody Mc Graw

Arizona State University - Education in Finland - May 2017

Student feedback:

"This was an amazing trip! I would 100% recommend CEPA and the program for everyone. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience I wouldn't trade for anything."
Sarah Balis

"This trip has been the best experience of my life! Thank you for helping make every moment count."
Paige Haagen

"What I learned simply cannot be summed up in a few sentences but it was a truly incredible experience. This program was centered around a topic that I am passionate about and was a length that was perfect for me, I would absolutely choose the same program if I were to go back and do it again."
Shannon E. (Read full review on abroad101 »)

Dr. Jon Stauff - Vice President for Global Education, Monmouth University

"CEPA is a wonderful partner for North American colleges and universities, helping faculty design a variety of short-term programs in Europe for undergraduate and graduate students.

From excellent site visits, local lecturers, to student services, CEPA is there to support the international initiatives of US and Canadian institutions. Uli Leibrecht has assembled a magnificent team that will take that "great idea" about a faculty-led program in Europe and make it a reality.

CEPA is small enough to be personal and still large enough to offer a broad range of services and options."

Lanier Technical College - Study Program to Germany - March 2017

"It was a wonderful experience for all of us. Several of the students have stopped by my office or texted me since our return. They are just bubbling over with enthusiasm and excitement. It has truly been life changing for all of us. I look forward to more of these adventures with the staff at CEPA.

Pennie Eddy, CPA
Accounting Program Director, Instructor

"Our whole program ran wonderfully. Sarah (on-site coordinator) was a wonderful addition to our group and extremely helpful! Every one of our stops were executed perfectly and all of the students and faculty were engaged and expressed that this was a unique and possibly life changing experience. I would like to personally thank Silke (CEPA Program Manager) for helping to make this trip a reality. Without CEPA and her work I doubt that our first study abroad trip would have been so successful. Thank you CEPA!"

Christian Tetzlaff
Applied Technology Division Dean

Texas A&M International University - Education in India - July 2016

Student Feedback:

"All the events planned were perfect, loved every single moment of it.
I will recommend the program to other friends."
Claudia Alba

"Everything was excellent and I am so thankful I got to experience the best of Mumbai!"
Ileanna Mercado

"The work you have provided for us was great. Everything was so much fun we couldn't have asked for better people to work with. Thank you for all the work and showing us the beauty of Mumbai."
Priscilla Salazar

"Yes, absolutely! I'd recommend people to study abroad with the CEPA program.
Everything was incredible and so well organized."
Victoria Lomas

Northwest Missouri State University - Business in Eastern Europe Program - May 2016

"I absolutely loved this trip. It was eye-opening, fun and filled with tons of valuable experience for both professional and everyday life. I would recommend this program to everyone because of its content, experiences and the lessons that were learned." Breanna Ripley, student

Georgia State University - A European Hospitality Seminar - May 2016

"This program was amazing! Very informative and life-changing. Also, it was very well-organized and well-planned. Thank you, CEPA, for the opportunity!" Ashley Alexander, student

University of Illinois - The Italian Health System - May 2016

"Honestly, when I started this course I had a bad experience with another provider and was resistant to using one. I was told CEPA was good last year and thought I'd give you a try. I have been EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the high quality work you do, the processes, your preparation, and how we keep it affordable for students. I am thankful for your work and doubt this trip would happen with anyone else."

Stephen Notaro, faculty leader
College of Applied Health Science

"Overall, I loved this program. I learned so much that can help me in my future endeavors. I would do this program again if I could! I loved being able to see the world." Emily Wickenkamp, student

"I greatly enjoyed my study abroad program! Great coordinator and great visits! I am sad to go but hope to return at some point." Stephanie Goldberg, student

University of St. Thomas - Globalization in Europe - May 2016

"I want to thank you personally for putting together such a wonderful program. The students  and I really enjoyed every single aspect of the program. The guides were great! The company visits were on point and the cultural visits were amazing. I'm really satisfied with the program. Thanks for such a wonderful job!"

Daniel Perez Liston, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Finance, Cameron School of Business

Humber College - Industrial Design - May 2016

"The program was fantastic. The visits to the design centers were amazing and the students and I got so much out of them, I wish more students could have attended and experienced them. The walking tours were great as well (London and Oxford). The guides really knew their stuff and were very good with the group. Mariola was a great coordinator who was very patient with some of the members in our group. She was very knowledgeable of London and was a great help in directing the student around town. [...]

Again it was a great program and experience that the group will remember for the rest of their lives. Thank you for all the work that you have done at your end to make this happen. They faculty here are already planning next years program."

Tony Fiore, faculty leader
The School of Applied Technology

DeVry University - Economics in Brazil, November 2015

"Working with CEPA Brazil was excellent. The site visits and the cultural exposure to Brazil they planned were exceptional. It gave our students a true insight on how Brazil does business globally. The guides we had for the trip were personable and professional throughout the program. Thank you CEPA for the amazing work you did for our students. You are the "go to" company for study abroad experiences for universities."

Professor Michael C. Komos, faculty leader

Lynchburg College - Battle for the Amazon, June 2015

"We had an excellent experience with CEPA Brazil. Right from the first encounter and various little touches (a local goodie bag  or our own trip banner - very handy for official group photos), through arranging for and delivering us to numerous meetings we requested, all the way to the final good-byes, the company and its guide have been extremely helpful and accommodating.

I wanted to visit some hard-to-reach communities in the Amazon and to work with a local NGO - CEPA Brazil arranged for a local group that took us to the remote village they serve, allowing us a rare opportunity to work with local villagers while having skilled chaperones the community trusted. Another service learning opportunity in a favela was also customized to meet our needs. I always had a feeling that the CEPA Brazil was eager to do as much as possible to make our visit more meaningful.

All in all, this was a very good experience that met or exceeded my expectations and provided my students with an unforgettable trip. Well done. Thank you."

Dr. Marek Payerhin
Professor of International Relations and Political Science

East Tennessee State University - Politics, History & Culture in Central East Europe, May 2015

"I truly enjoyed the entire experience. I learned a lot and made lifelong friends. Thank you, CEPA Europe!" - Sabina Lyszczarczyk, Student

Georgia State University - A European Hospitality Seminar, May 2015

"This has been the best experience of my life. It was easy to see how much love and effort went into this program. Everything has been perfect, from having Diana as our tour guide, to all out visits to the very end. Best trip of my life! I will never forget this experience and I will encourage everyone I know to study abroad. If possible I will study abroad again for sure. Thank you all for this unforgettable time in my life." - Daijan Ross, Student

"Thank you so much for creating such an amazing program. I would recommend this 10x over." - Aaleyah McKay, Student

"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire CEPA program. One of the most organized, fun and memorable trips I've experienced." - Paige Estrada, Student

"Wonderful experience. Diana (coordinator) was very knowledgeable about all the countries. Absolutely love everything." - Christine Morgan-Vedell, Student

Texas A&M International - Program in Eastern Europe, March 2015

"The time I spent abroad with CEPA has been both academically stimulating and fun. I enjoyed every moment spent in lecture and touring the cities, and I will recommend more students to travel with CEPA since my experience was nothing less than excellent" - Jazmin Ornelas, Student

Gwinnett Technical College - Spain Program, March 2015

"It was an amazing trip and we appreciate all that CEPA did to help plan, prepare, and orchestrate this experience for our students and faculty. Our CEPA representative and our contact at the CEPA office went above and beyond the communication, planning, and detailing that other travel organizations do. This is why we ONLY want to travel with CEPA! You folks are terrific and we appreciate you! - Penny Waddell and Bonnie Smith, Faculty Leaders

"This has been an amazing experience. All of activities included, provided a well rounded cultural experience coupled with great fun. I hope many students at Gwinnett Tech get to have other experiences like this in the near future." - Jaina Reed, Student

"The program was excellent. I would encourage every student to participate in a guided tour. Especially if this is their first visit to Europe. The trip was well coordinated and the tour guides were very knowledgeable. So much history given for each area. I appreciated so much to have had this opportunity through CEPA. Excellent!" - Annas Reed, Student

Catawba College - Honors Program in Greece, March 2015

"This program provided an excellent opportunity for me to explore Greece. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable for every exhibit, and our coordinator was extremely helpful in all aspects. I learned so much form this trip and had an amazing experience I will never forget. I would not change a thing about my time here in Greece."
- Cayli Mena, Student

"Very educational and enlightening. All-in-all an amazing experience, I would do it again!" - Allison Michell, Student

"I feel as if this was one of the best trips in my lifetime." - Justin Burroughs, Student

Columbus State University - History Program on the Holocaust, March 2015

"If I could take this program twenty times over, I would do it in a heartbeat" - Julie Wilson, Student

"This was an amazing trip and experience. It was way better than I could have imagined. I am totally pleased" - Jason Summerville, Student

Diana Barber - SA Program Director - Georgia State University

"Being responsible for students while studying overseas can be a daunting experience for any professor. Working with CEPA Europe, a program director can be assured that the journey is seamless and professional. My experience with the CEPA Europe representatives over the past 7 years allows me this opportunity to endorse CEPA Europe with the full understanding of why they are the best when it comes to providing educational resources for study abroad program directors. The CEPA Europe representatives are first class and truly care about their clients, and ultimately the students. And we all know it is all about providing educational and memorable, yet safe experiences for our students."

University of North Carolina Charlotte - Shakespeare in England, February/March 2015

"This was easily one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I learned a vast amount and loved every moment of this trip. There were just one or two things I would have changed, but overall this was a superb experience that I would recommend to any student." - Hoke Pittmann, Student

"This was an amazing, tiring and knowledgeable trip that I will cherish forever." - Jessica Boyles, Student

MacEwan University - Doing Business Internationally, February 2015

"The guides and mixture of culture and business visits were great, extremely educational and eye opening."
- Erin Haubrich, Student

Daniel Norton, Assoc. Vice President for International Programs, University of Southern Mississippi

"What sets CEPA apart is the unique combination of an incredible eye for detail and thoroughness aligned with exceptional flexibility and adaptability. In addition, everyone at CEPA expresses such enthusiasm for study abroad that our students and faculty can't help but have an incredibly enriching experience."

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Spring Semester in Spain, January 2015

"I absolutely loved the experience. I would recommend this program in a heart beat. Thank you all so much for the hard work, this was amazing and always be one of my favorite memories I have had." - Taylor Toseff, Student

Jim Galvin, Director Faculty-Led, University of California, San Diego

"I am delighted to recommend CEPA. UC San Diego has partnered with CEPA to offer numerous faculty-led programs over the past five years.

CEPA is a reliable partner and affiliate. They are highly organized, resourceful, and hard working. CEPA brings great attention to detail and to each program. Their goal is to have a seamless partnership with faculty and study abroad professionals in order to offer excellent programs for our students. In this, they have repeatedly succeeded. I strongly recommend CEPA as a partner for faculty-led programs."

CEPA offering study abroad programs in Europe since 1997.