Our whole program ran wonderfully. Every one of our stops were executed perfectly and all of the students and faculty were engaged.

Christian Tetzlaff, Applied Technology Division Dean
Lanier Technical College

Business Study Abroad Program in Italy

University of Alabama Birmingham

EMBA International Research Program

University of Texas at El Paso

Welcome to CEPA

Customized faculty-led programs in Europe, Asia, and Brazil for Undergraduate and Graduate Level Students

Why partner with CEPA for your faculty-led program?
For 20 years, students and faculty from colleges and universities in North America have participated in programs organized by the cultural experts at CEPA.

Our mission is to develop and deliver education abroad programs with strong academic and cultural components in close partnership with faculty leaders and administrators at colleges and universities
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  • Academic quality and cultural value
  • Affordable opportunities
  • Flexible services and options
  • On-site support and safety
  • Local interaction
  • Different learning and living environments

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Whether you are a first-time faculty leader, a study abroad veteran, or simply looking for a customized proposal and quote - CEPA takes care of all your study abroad needs. take a look at the various faculty-led programs and itinerary samples that we have put together. Request a quote for your faculty-led program. CEPA offers flexible options, innovative ideas, and creative suggestions.



Academic Webinars presented
by CEPA Foundation

European Study Center (ESC)
in Heidelberg, Germany

European Study Center (ESC)
in Strasbourg, France

Academic webinars presented by CEPA Foundation European Study Center (ESC) Heidelberg, Germany European Study Center (ESC) Strasbourg, France


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