"CEPA goes above and beyond the planning, communication, and detailing that other organizations do."

Penny Waddell, Gwinnett Technical College

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Academic, flexible, and affordable

Creating a faculty-led program is a journey which begins well before you ever arrive at your destination.
We aim to understand the learning objectives unique to your courses and together, create customized study abroad programs to reach those goals.

Through our expert knowledge of the destinations, close connections to local communities and cultures, as well as years of experience in university-level, study abroad programming, we strive to offer the highest-quality, custom-designed short and long-term programs.

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Exposing your students to international experiences, will help them to develop highly valuable skills for today‘s competitive job market.

We encourage you to integrate study abroad options into the higher education experience and academic curricula for all students in all majors. By working together, we can design the optimal itinerary for an outstanding, culturally immersive, safe and effective program that will enhance your students‘ academic experience and maximize their learning outcomes.

  • Improved academic performance
  • Enhanced intercultural communication skills
  • Improved knowledge of cultural practices
  • Broadend global understanding and tolerance
  • Enhanced readiness to adapt to new environments
CEPA offering study abroad programs in Europe since 1997.

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