Alan Rakotoarisoa

Study Abroad Coordinator

Alan, originally from Madagascar, is currently studying tourism and educational mobility in Normandy, France. With a bachelor’s degree in applied foreign languages, he is passionate about languages, particularly English, German and Russian, both in his studies and as a hobby.

Thanks to his travels and internships in different countries, he has been able to experience foreign learning experiences, which has encouraged him to pursue a career where he can share his passion for study and travel. He believes it’s a great way to broaden his horizons and discover new perspectives.

Alan now works at CEPA and wants to have a positive impact on his work while ensuring that things are well organized until he reaches a goal that he can be proud of. Travelling is Alan’s passion. Sharing this passion with others is a priority for him, as he believes in the importance of being able to communicate what he values. This is what he strives to do through his work, making it easier for others to experience travel and learning.

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