Eliana Rafael

CEPA Strasbourg Program Manager

Eliana Rafael - CEPA Strasbourg Program Manager

Since she was a child, Eliana has been a part of a multicultural environment. She was born in Portugal and raised by her parents, who are from Angola, in France (Haute-Savoie and Alsace), and today she lives in Strasbourg.

She studied Law at the University of Strasbourg. After her studies, she started working in the education. She notably worked as Coordinator for Educational Success programs in and around Strasbourg, due to the fact that education is very important to her.

Eliana thinks that we can improve ourselves, grow, and even…change the world. Through education, we are able to expand our minds and tear down the barriers which hinder us from being open the others.

Today, Eliana organizes educational programs for CEPA and is also in charge of the students at the European Study Center at the Château de Pourtalès. During a student’s study abroad, Eliana is here to support each student. She enjoys assisting students with their everyday life (social and cultural activities, university and scholarship duties, facing and adapting to the cultural differences…), in order to help them have an easier adjustment. Beyond that, she strives to create an environment for each student that is meaningful and a pleasant experience while they are in Europe.

Eliana is fluent in Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English and has basic knowledge in German and Italian. She is really glad to be part of a team, where education and culture hold such an important role.

My favorite quote or advice:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” — Nelson Mandela