Grace Haines

CEPA Strasbourg Program Manager

Originally from a small town in rural Texas, Grace always dreamed of seeing the world and making a difference. This dream has guided her personal and professional path throughout her life. She has a dual bachelor’s degree in International Relations and French from the University of Mississippi, which gave her the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in the medieval town of Angers, France. This formative experience taught her the importance of opening one’s mind through traveling, embracing new cultures, and learning new languages – and ultimately inspired her decision to move to France full-time in 2015.

After graduation, she worked with the TAPIF Program as a high school English teacher in the quaint city of Dijon for several years before relocating to the European capital city of Strasbourg to pursue her post-graduate studies. Her experiences studying, teaching, and traveling abroad have greatly impacted her own life, and she is committed to helping others to expand their horizons and to learn more about the world. At the European Study Center, Grace is there to help students with anything they need by making them feel welcome, supported, and empowered during their time in Strasbourg.

Protecting the environment has also been one of Grace’s lifelong passions. Growing up on her family farm taught her the importance of preserving our natural resources and giving nature the respect it deserves. While at university, she interned for several years at the Office of Sustainability and became the director of the campus recycling program. Since moving abroad, she was impressed with the European approach to environmental policy, and in 2020, she received her master’s degree in Sociology/Urban sustainability from the Université de Strasbourg.

She then worked for the City and Eurometropole of Strasbourg, focusing specifically on international relations and sustainability projects. Today, she volunteers as an events auditor for the Eco-Manifestations Alsace association to help local event organizers monitor their environmental impact and make their events more sustainable for years to come. In her current role as Program Manager at CEPA, she also helps advance the CEPA Foundation’s sustainability efforts and the offsetting CO2 initiative.

Grace loves to travel, discover new places, meet new people, spend time in nature, jog, ride her bike, and bake yummy desserts! In her spare time, she also volunteers as Community Outreach Director for the Americans in Alsace association. She speaks English and French fluently and has a basic knowledge of Spanish and German.

Phone +49(0)7142 9565 34

My favorite quote or advice:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt