Dorina Imre

Program Manager

Dorina comes from Hungary. She was always interested in people and her goal is to live a meaningful life and help others.

She studied economics in the field of tourism at Kodolanyi Janos University in Budapest. She gained experience abroad by moving to Germany for a couple of years and for one year to Bristol UK where she tried herself out in different positions. In Hungary, she worked as a clerk and sales manager and later as a Hungarian-English translator. After getting to know the culture of many European countries, she decided to move back to Germany, which is also the home of her mother, and establish herself here. To learn the language more efficiently and to have the opportunity to work with people closely, she volunteered for a year at the daycare of the Waldorf school in Vaihingen.

Her enthusiasm to have contact with people and to contribute to something good led her to the job as Program Manager at CEPA. She is eager to enable students the opportunity to improve themselves within the framework of faculty-led programs.

Hungarian is her native language and she is fluent in English and German.

In her free time, she loves to spend time outside, and enjoys nature and going active, be it jogging, cycling, or hiking. She is also passionate about painting.

Phone +49(0)7142 9565 14

My favorite quote or advice:

“Life is but a journey, so be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler and see how you grow through the experiences that await you on your expedition.”