André Fortunato

Study Abroad Coordinator

André was born and raised on the Portuguese coastline. Travel and leisure have always been part of his roots, as his family valued the pleasure of free time and going somewhere different for a brief period, breaking their routine.

Since an early age, English has been part of his daily life, with the encouragement of his parents, who recognized the importance of knowing different languages, be it English, French, or Spanish. In school, alongside English, André chose Languages and Humanities with a minor in French.

With a bachelor’s degree in Tourism completed in 2020, he solidified his love for the travel industry and the understanding of people’s motives and wishes towards their leisure time outside their residence.

In 2021, André decided to take on a new challenge in his life—to continue his studies as a master’s student in Germany but with just a one-way ticket. After spending six months in Poland with the Erasmus program during his bachelor’s degree, moving to Germany was another significant step in pursuing an intercultural academic, and professional career. During his master’s degree in international Tourism Management at the Hochschule Heilbronn, André gained insight into how important a multicultural mindset is to be successful in the tourism industry.

André’s life is marked by many travels around Europe. Cities like Budapest, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Munich are just a sample of the places André has visited so far. Being from a touristy country and having immense pride in his country’s history and culture, he values the importance of providing people with the best experience when traveling abroad. Also, having spent many years of his life as a student, and traveling through many cities and countries during that time, he understands how much a journey is emotionally worth and important for one’s life and personal development.

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My favorite quote or advice:

“Live Life with No Excuses. Travel with No Regret” – Oscar Wilde