Vanessa Low

Study Abroad Coordinator

Vanessa was born in England and raised in Scotland. She started learning French and German at school.. Learning foreign languages and gaining insight into different cultures and societies still fascinates her.  Vanessa has previously worked at Aberdeen University as an Admin Assistant before going on to study French and German (Interpreting & Translating) at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. As part of her degree, she spent her third year abroad, one semester in Tours, France, and the other in Germersheim, Germany. Being in the countries and being able to experience the culture and meet people firsthand further encouraged her passion and appreciation for traveling abroad. She achieved her Master of Arts in 2023.

Experiencing the numerous positive aspects of studying abroad is something she wants to share with students.

English is her native language, and she has a working knowledge of French and German. In her free time, she likes to enjoy the outdoors and go for a walk as well as read and watch her favorite TV programs.

Phone +49(0)7142 9565 20

My favorite quote or advice:

“If you push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking risk, really amazing things can happen.”